Coaxial Cables of PJSC Odeskabel

The PJSC Odeskabel has been producing radio-frequency coaxial cables in compliance with GOST since 1959.

These r.f. cables were mainly consumed by the USSR defence industry.

In 2002 the PJSC Odeskabel implemented the technology of UNILINE (Switzerland) which provided for manufacturing coaxial cables by physical foaming of the granulated polyethylene with nitrogen.

The identifying feature of these cables, as distinct from the cables of the majority of other manufacturers, is a combination of the oxygen-less copper rods (copper content at least 99.994%) as a conductor, a physically foamed dielectric and copper (tinned) as a screening sheath.

The optimal cable loop resistance to d.c. is ensured just by the central copper conductor which is required in long-distance networks.

The working dielectric is a physically foamed high-density polyethylene compound HDPE obtained from granulated polyethylene specially designed for physical foaming. This dielectric material (PEEG) contains to 70% of nitrogen (which ensures a low specific attenuation of the signal) and 30% of polyethylene. The foaming method guarantees a distinct separation of polyethylene pores which prevents moisture propagation along the cable.

The PJSC Odeskabel coaxial cables with physically foamed dielectric HDPE/PEEG are resistant to mechanical impacts, damage and multiple maximum permissible bending.

Strength parameters of these cables are not lower than those of the cables made with dielectric material produced of the continuous polyethylene.

Electric and physical characteristics, including the structural return loss coefficient, do not change if the cable damage is attempted, as distinct from the chemically foamed dielectric cables.

When transmitting digital signals for interactive TV systems the optimum reflection coefficient is achieved by using various combinations of metal foil and copper or tinned copper sheath.

We offer in the market the cables highly resistant to mechanical and weather effects, namely the 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm cables for wide-band communication networks.

The range of our products comprises more than 50 descriptions of coaxial cables, including those with a wire, light-stabilized and smoke-safe external sheath. Also we developed hybrid cables consisting of RG+LASN+FOC cables as well as combined cables of CCTV, KCB, S-RGB (S-VGA) types. We guarantee the 20 years service life of our products.

According to their characteristics the radio-frequency coaxial cables produced by the PJSC Odeskabel match the products of the world market leaders.

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