Category 50 ohm RF cable sections:

1) Cables, made in accordance with MIL-C-17

  • coaxial cable RG-213 / U;
  • coaxial cable RG-58 C / U.

2) Cables are made in accordance with GOST 11326.4-79

  • coaxial cable РК 50-7-11,
  • coaxial cable РК 50-7-12,
  • coaxial cable РК 50-3-13.

Coaxial cable RG-213, РК 50-7-11, РК 50-7-12 used for transmission of high frequency signals in mobile radio, cordless phones, wireless extender, a radio service in radio security signaling, measuring instruments, electronic equipment for special purposes.

Coaxial cable RG-58 C/U, РК 50-3-13 applied in control systems, the laboratory facilities for professional electronic devices, transmitting and receiving antenna path, in telecommunications equipment.

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