Defining parameters of cables of this group are the small damping coefficients and reflection (with a high stability of the wave resistance).

The cables have an inner conductor of copper wire, insulated with physically foamed polyethylene outer conductor in the form of copper (aluminum) foil and copper braid (tinned copper) wires, a sheath of light-stabilized polyethylene.

Such design ensures a high degree of water resistance, allowing use in various environments.

Compliance with the supplied cable to the data specified in the catalog, supported by test reports.

The tests include: checking size, the main electrical parameters (impedance and attenuation).

Special attention should be given to professional choice of connectors, sealants and fasteners. With proper installation, sealing, installation and grounding cable is functioning without failure during its lifetime.

Detailed technical information can be found in additional file below.

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Cable for Antenna and Feeder Equipment [~ 162 Kb]