Cables are designed for the transmission of television signals in video surveillance systems with simultaneous connection of power and signal management.

Combined cables are manufactured in the following versions:

  • a total PVC sheath (for indoor use)
  • in the common envelope of light-stabilized PE (for outdoor use)
  • with suspension cable of galvanized steel wires (for hanging on poles and local structures)

RF coaxial cables are used for black and white, color and digital cameras.

Professional installation of CCTV allows you to have a surveillance camera at a distance of 400-450 meters.

When the RF cable for CCTV direct amplification, consider the following:

  • do not exceed the recommended level of 5 dB attenuation in the video path,
  • not recommended for use with television coaxial cables copper-clad steel inner conductor, since they are designed to work with high-frequency signals from the frequency of 10 ... 40 MHz

Detailed technical information can be found in the additional file below.

You can download:

Cable for CCTV and Security Systems [~ 1.37 Mb]